World’s Top 10 Hedge Fund Firms

According to AUM, or assets under management, there’s a descending list of hedge fund firms. You might be wondering what are hedge funds. They’re a combination of investments that contain derivatives and the statuses of foreign as well as domestic business markets, promised to specific investors that have a lot to lose and even more to gain. The top list is always fluctuating, displaying instability with the hedge fund investments.

Hedge Fund Firms

Top Secret Hedge Funds

This information isn’t the easiest to obtain when considering the top hedge fund firms. There are certain reasons why hedge funds are hidden from public viewing and difficult to place in order. They are:

  • Many hedge funds are owned by private sectors, so individuals and small, lucrative businesses stake claim to them.
  • Access is extremely limited. Only clients involved directly with the funds are administered domain over them.

World’s Top Ten

Bridgewater Associates LP 

Based in Connecticut and more than relevant, Bridgewater Associates is work to over a thousand employees. That may not seem like a lot, but the company manages billions of dollars of investments, domestically as well as globally. Their hedge fund holders could be anyone from entire national governments to pensions, or even funds from corporations. This hedge fund firm is one of the largest on the list and most profitable.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management 

J.P. Morgan Asset Management is a part of J.P. Morgan Chase and Co. This hedge fund firm manages hedge funds, but also deals with other forms of asset management and productivity. They have over a trillion dollars’ worth of assets under their control, which includes their hedge fund asset count of about $60 billion.

Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC

Och-Ziff created this hedge fund firm in the early ‘90s in New York. Over time, the company’s AUM has increased to almost fifty billion dollars. It specializes in hedge funds, but also other investments, like real estate or equity. A common thread that binds the hedge fund firms at the top of this list is that they maintain other assets beneath their control. It’s the ability to make smart financial decisions and foster relationships with an assortment of investments that keeps companies, like Och Ziff, on top of the hedge fund firm list.

Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP

While relatively new when compared to the other hedge fund firms in the upper portion of this list, Brevan Howard Asset Managemnt, established in 2002, has still earned its spot.  Although it has offices all around the world, this privately owned company houses its main headquarters in London. With over $40 billion in hedge funds in its control, this company specializes in asset management and is the biggest hedge fund holder in Europe, usinjg the assets under management standards. Brevan Howard has many hats, delving into fixed-income securities and commodity management, all the while driving its main focus to profitable expenditures within six month periods and following the trends of various economies.

BlueCrest Capital Management

BlueCrest Capital Management is a hedge fund firm that managed almost $40 billion at the end of 2013. Because it did fall below the $40 billion mark, Brevan Howard was able to surpass them, although it was founded before in 2000. BlueCrest provides management in hedge funds, but also, they offer services for different kinds of investments. .


BlackRock is a pretty financial management company. It has over eleven thousand employees and was created in New York. The company is not only one of the leading hedge fund firms in the country, but it also has  a plethora of other services that include, but are not limited to insurance and equity assessments.

AQR Capital Management LLC

AQR Capital Management was founded in the late 1990s in Connecticut. Like their name suggests, this company has its hand in many sources of capital management, including hedge funds. They have grossed over a $100 billion in AUM and attempt to concentrate on public bonds, equity, and bonds on a global scale.

Lone Pine Capital LLC

Lone Pine Capital is yet another Greenwich, Connecticut company. Created in the late 1990s, this this company utilizes investment approaches on a long and short term basis scale, factoring in global equity. Their bottom-up technique has garnished them an AUM of almost $30 billion.

Man Group LLC

Man Group is another top hedge fund firm that hails from London. The oldest of the group, it was estanlished in 1783, but sadly, has fallen to the bottom portion of this list with an AUM of $28.3 billion.

Viking Global Investors

We end this list with another Connecticut based hedge fund firm in Greenwich. It was established in 1999 and brings their hedge fund management in at an AUM of over $27 billion.