Top 8 Luxury Brands & Shops for the Best Budget Purchases

Sometimes we must accept the fact that the finer things in life aren’t always accessible to those of us living on a budget. However, living the high life doesn’t have to be a pipedream. If your budget is tight and you’d still like to look nice, keep your purchases light by shopping with these ten “luxury” clothing, accessory, furniture, and appliance brands and shops.

budget purchases

1. Amazon

Many people tend to overlook the amount of products that Amazon offers. Not only are items shipped directly from Amazon, but Amazon’s Seller Central allows independent sellers to post products for sale. This feature is perfect for making budget purchases. A quick look around the giant retailer’s independent seller shops reveals Invicta watches, Michael Kors bags, Mac computers, and Wilsons Leather jackets at deeply discounted prices. Find more at

2. AutoTrader

If you’re in the market for a new (or new-to-you) car, begin your search online with websites like AutoTrader. Many high-end cars (e.g. Mercedes Benz, BMW) are posted on the user-generated lists through AutoTrader. These types of databases allow you to easily find cars and trucks that fit in your budget and meet your expectations. Find more at

2. Discount Retailers 

Larger discount retailers are becoming more popular, meaning stores are offering an increased amount of products. Designed for budget purchases, these types of stores (think TJ Maxx or Ross) offer designer brands at a significantly lower price to shoppers. The best part about shopping at off-price retailers is that much of the products are in-season. This means that merchandise is purchased directly from the designer when the designer orders too many of a specific product that other stores (like Macys) don’t purchase. A small percentage of merchandise from off-price retailers comes from “irregular” purchases. These “irregular” products are considered “defunct” in some way, but usually will not vary too significantly from the original product.

Below is a list of common retailers offering high-end products for budget purchases:

  • Bealls
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Marshalls
  • Muji
  • Ross
  • Stein Mart
  • TJ Maxx/HomeGoods

3. eBay

You’re likely already familiar with the shopping site eBay, which serves a platform for sellers and buyers to complete business trades. However, eBay and other bidding sites are becoming much more popular for high-end budget purchases including automobiles, designer handbags and clothing, and electronics. eBay is also a perfect place to purchase fine jewelry. With a few simple clicks, you can find diamonds, pearls, and gems from reliable sellers across the globe.  Find more at

4. H&M

H&M is a perfect luxury-on-a-budget brand. The store’s clothing and accessories are designed to look like high-fashion, but are accessible to consumers seeking to make budget purchases. The brand is even promoted by rising and established celebrities like Lana Del Rey and Beyoncé. The clothing and accessory items offered by H&M are designed for women, men, and girls and boys. Find more at

5. Ikea

Ikea’s brand is becoming increasingly more popular, and there’s a reason. Consumers flock to the Swedish brand for the low prices and quality items. Most of the home products from Ikea are designed for shoppers on a budget. Couches, tables, bed sets, curtains, tableware…you name it, Ikea is bound to have it – and at a budget-friendly price. Find more at

6. Shutterfly

An easy way to impress others when they enter your home is by having customizable products. Shutterfly, a photo printing service, allows you to do just that. Shutterfly works by offering on-demand printing; simply upload photos and in a few days, Shutterfly can send you personalized products like stationery, books, blankets, mugs, and much more. Using Shutterfly services means you can embellish your items to your liking, making photo products one of the best luxury budget purchases.  Find more at

7. Overstock

You’ve likely seen (or remember) Overstock commercials. What you may not know about Overstock, is that the website features thousands of designer brands and home goods at completely discounted online prices. The site carries furniture, bedding and bath, electronics, home and garden, clothing and jewelry merchandise. Overstock functions much like other discount retailers (see #2 on this list), in that they purchase stock directly from high-end designers who have an overabundance of products. Find more at

8. Sears Outlet

Outlet shops like Sears Outlet are the perfect places to make budget purchases on major appliances. Sears Outlet offers deeply discounted prices on items like refrigerators, lawn mowers, washer and dryers, and televisions. Outlet stores primarily feature products that were either showroom models, are going out of stock for a new set of models, or have tiny flaws. Buying appliances from major outlet stores allows you to take advantage of massive savings, so long as you can handle a few dents, dings, or last season’s oven. Find more at